Carpet Cleaning

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In order for your carpet to be not only perfectly clean, but also safe for you and your family, we use only detergent-free non-harmful cleaning solutions. They don’t leave  sticky, soapy residue, which also means that your carpet stays cleaner for longer.

Our carpet cleaning technicians uses a 8 step carpet cleaning process and advanced equipment, allowing to reach high standards of cleanliness eliminating dirt, stains, bacteria, pollens, pollutants, fungus, mites, germs and various allergens. Our powerful hot water extraction machines expedite drying time. Hot water extraction is the most effective cleaning method, recommended by carpet manufacturers, assuring deep cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing of your carpets.

Our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning process:

  • Carpet inspection – we start our work from inspect your particular areas of concern as well as noting carpet construction and soiling conditions. He will also advise you of any possible permanent staining that exist. At this stage we choose the best suitable cleaning method, cleaning agents and their saturation.
  • Furniture Moving – Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs as needed.
  • Dry soil extraction – the removing water unsolvable soiling using a professional vacuum cleaner.
  • Pre-spray – this step involves the application of high quality cleaning agents called ‘pre-spray’, which is left for a few minutes to emulsify – separate soil from the fibers of your carpet.
  • Pre-grooming’/agitation ’ – the cleaning agent is carefully rubbed deep into the fabric ensure deep penetration and maximum soil removal.
  • Stain removal – while ‘pre-spray’ does its magic, areas of the carpet covered with particularly stubborn stains and spots are treated with professional stain removers. Note: Permanent stains identified by us may not be possible to remove.
  • Soil extraction – this step involves a thorough and in depth rinsing of the carpet fibers to remove all soil loosened by ‘pre-spray’ and dust mites using a powerful extractor which under high pressure injects cleaning agent and then sucks it together with soil into an airtight chamber.
  • Protector – Carpets protected last longer, clean up easier and stay clean longer (optional)
  • Post Grooming – The carpet pile is now set in up position for faster drying and  better visual appeal.

Why should I clean a rug or a carpet at least once a year?

It’s not only important that your rug or a carpet look beautifully! The rug/carpet is a perfect habitat for the many millions of bacteria and dust mites. These creatures invisible to the naked eye can reproduce twice in 12 hours. They are so small that they can also accumulate their concentrations in the air just above the surface.

Mites – is a major nightmare for allergy sufferers!

Traditional dusting once a week and vacuuming carpets will not solve the problem completly. Carpet cleaning is therefore not only the sole purpose of improving the appearance of the carpet. Each of us wants for our families to stay in a healthy and hygienic environment.

During carpet cleaning process the dirt, pollen grains, food scraps, human skin and all kinds of dirt build-up in the fibres, are being removed.  Our aim is that the dirty carpet is free from dirt, bacteria and mites. Fleece rug with use also loses its elasticity and carpet cleaning allows combining fleece and giving it elasticity and original shape. Carpet cleaning therefore should be done at least once a year as a deep cleaning – but to keep it in a state of cleanliness, it is recommended that at least main thoroughfares (corridors, places of high use) were not only thoroughly cleaned – but few times in nursing. This reduces the time and degree of difficulty thorough carpet cleaning and has a positive effect on the usability of the individual rooms.

Carpet protector

What is the protection of a carpet?

On clean, cleaned carpet or a rug a special carpet – fabric protection is applied – a substance containing a silicone derivative.  
Carpet – fabric protection is applied in the last step of washing, in the form of spray. fabric

Advantages of protection:

– Prevents the penetration of the dirt into the structure of the fibers, so the carpet is less prone to dirt, dust particles remain on the surface and are much easier to remove during the normal maintenance / vacuum.
– The carpet looks fluffy, because the coated fibers are thicker and stiffer.
– Waterproofing layer prevents static electricity.

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