Upholstery Cleaning

#1 Trusted Upholstery Cleaning

Like all of the cleaning services at Carpet Upholstery Care, our deep upholstery cleaning service comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians are trained to clean every type of fabric and upholstery, we use specially formulated non-toxic and detergent-free cleaning solutions for your upholstery type. We use our powerful 8 step deep clean process to clean your upholstery.

Negligence of regular care and cleaning usually results in fading of their vivid colors, damaging the texture of the fiber and exuding unpleasant scents. Hard particles of dirt scratch the textile fibers, liquid and sticky food products and human and animal excretions are easily attached to them forming irregular coating. Deteriorating of the upholstery fabric results in shortening its life span and durability. Dirty furniture are not only the problem of aesthetics and our comfort but also affect hygiene and our health.

So call use if you need an experienced and highly trained professional to take care or your dirty sofas, chairs, armchairs, 2-3 piece suites, cushions, poufs, ottomans and other upholstery furniture.

Our state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning process:

  • Fabric test – we start our work with identifying the material and kind of fiber your upholstery is made of and checking its stability. At this stage we choose the best suitable cleaning method, cleaning agents and their saturation.
  • Dry soil extraction – the removing water unsolvable soiling using a professional vacuum cleaner.
  • Pre-spray – this step involves the application of high quality preconditioning agents called ‘pre-spray’, which is left for a few minutes to emulsify – separate soil from the fabric.
  • Pre-grooming’/agitation ’ – the cleaning agent is carefully rubbed deep into the fabric ensure deep penetration and maximum soil removal.
  • Stain removal – while ‘pre-spray’ does its magic, areas of the upholstery covered with particularly stubborn stains and spots are treated with professional stain removers.Note: Permanent stains identified by us may not be possible to remove.
  • Soil extraction – this step involves a thorough and in depth rinsing of the upholstery fibers to remove all soil loosened by ‘pre-spray’ and dust mites using a powerful extractor which under high pressure injects cleaning agent and then sucks it together with soil into an airtight chamber.
  • Protector – upholstery fabric protected last longer, clean up easier and stay clean longer (optional)
  • Drying – high velocity turbo dryers are used to provide the best possible condition for faster drying of your clean and fresh upholstery (optional).

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